Charitable Programs


In order to apply for jobs and work, many homeless people require a means of transportation. Gateway Prep purchases and loads MARTA Breeze cards that are then distributed to the homeless.


Clean clothing is a requirement to apply for jobs, housing, and most rehabilitation programs. Additionally, clean clothing can be a great morale booster. Gateway Prep purchases and distributes gift cards for thrift stores. We also distribute any donated clothes. You can donate clothes here.

Job Training and Housing

Employers often require information that has been lost or forgotten, such as an SSN. Gateway Prep helps connect homeless people with programs that can recover this information and helps cover any costs. Gateway Prep also helps homeless people prepare for job and housing interviews by providing clothing and covering transportation costs.

Counseling and Therapy

Mental health is critical to an individual’s long-term recovery from poverty. Gateway Prep connects homeless people to counseling and therapy programs and, when possible, covers the cost of these programs. 

Funding Partners

Gateway Prep provides funding for partner organizations seeking to aid the homeless. These organizations provide us detailed reports on how the funding was used. You can view our partners here